First of all, Hi!

It’s been a while and thanks so much for your continued support.

Life got in the way and we made a tough decision to put a halt to Chilli & Vanilla mid-last year with plans to hop back in the game by the end of 2018, but that wasn’t to be so.

With that said, things are back on the up and up! We’re getting back on the proverbial horse and we’re excited to announce that Chilli & Vanilla will be back in late 2019!

There’s going to be a few changes around here. Most significantly, we’ll be discontinuing the monthly Gourmet Box. Reasons being; the challenging balance of making sure that each box included a decent value of products, the exorbitant cost of shipping in Australia, our standpoint on always paying our suppliers for their product instead of asking for free product and also ensuring that each and every box had a unique mix of products each and every month.

While all the above wasn’t an impossible task, it meant we were limited in the number of products and suppliers we could feature each month and trust us! There were certainly more than a handful of suppliers in each region that we would have liked to have included!

With that said, we’ll be relaunching Chilli & Vanilla as a more traditional online retail store.

In keeping with our legacy and our roots, we’ll continue on our mission to feature food from Australia’s many amazing food regions. To begin with, we’re kicking things off by bringing in goods from our favourite producers from our past gourmet boxes so if you have a favourite, we’d love to know!

Best regards,
Dianne from Chilli & Vanilla

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